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Employer of the Year Award


JobStart's Employer of the Year is awarded to an employer at the Annual General Meeting who has demonstrated strong support to JobStart and to our clients. The criteria includes:

  • Participating in placements, apprenticeships, mentorships, informational interviews, job shadows/job trials, and other services 

  • Has hired JobStart clients

  • And/or has supported JobStart in other ways such as being a guest speaker, a mock interviewer, donating to JobStart, provided letters of support, supporting proposals, etc. 

The winner of JobStart's Employer of the Year for 2018 is StickerYou Inc.! The award was presented by Justin Di Ciano, Councillor of Etobicoke-Lakeshore (Ward 5), to StickerYou Inc.'s Human Resources Manager, Amy Nhan. Congratulations!


Annual Client Achievement Award


JobStart's Annual Client Achievement Award is awarded by the Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting to a JobStart graduate who has demonstrated impressive accomplishments. The criteria includes:

  • Had strong participation within the client group

  • Works well with staff

  • Is moving forward in their path to success by either finding and keeping a job or by participating in training

The winner of JobStart's Annual Client Achievement Award for 2017 is Thomas Vickers! The award was presented by Rob Glube, JobStart's Board President. Congratulations!

Staff Award of Excellence


JobStart's Staff Award of Excellence is awarded to a staff member at the Annual General Meeting who has demonstrated excellence to our clients, community, employers, funders, partners, and colleagues. The criteria includes:

  • Acts as a mentor and role model

  • Shows professionalism to JobStart's team, clients, and visitors

  • Shows excellent quality of service to the community

  • Willingly shares best practices in order to improve overall service quality 

  • Demonstraes positive team work

  • Demonstrates exceptional compassion to others

  • Demonstrates respect and cooperation with others

  • Shows random acts of kindness toward fellow co-workers and clients

  • Has a positive attitude while in a stressful situation 


The winner of JobStart's Staff Award of Excellence Award for 2017 is Natalia Schiopu, JobStart's Coordinator, Programs and Services! The award was presented by Jemima Sabapathy, JobStart's Director of Programs and Strategic Initiatives. Congratulations!


Recent JobStart Awards

Every year, Etobicoke Guardian readers vote for their favourite community businesses and the Etiobicoke Guardian presents the awards to the winners. From restaurants to travel agencies, pet grooming to auto service, grocery stores to landscaping companies, and everything in between. JobStart has received:

  • Platinum Award for Best Employment Agency – 2018

  • Diamond Award for Best Employment Agency – 2017

Click here to view past awards

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