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Client Testimonials

"What an informative and rich discussion session it was on women’s sexual health and well-being here at Newcomer Community Integration’s workshop at JobStart. Thank you Anna Cioff from Immigrant Women’s Health Center Toronto for being this amazing speaker, and huge accolades to our participants for their contributions to making this workshop an enriching experience for everyone. Thank you!"

- Newcomer Community Integration Program workshop participant

“As a newcomer to Canada I needed assistance with finding employment; I was referred to JobStart by a family member. I was registered in JobStart’s Newcomer Settlement Program.  I benefited from attending many workshops and was matched with a mentor where I learned more about the Canadian job market and job opportunities. I also volunteered at a local college to gain further Canadian work experience.  I obtained a position that was related to my experience.”

 - Newcomer Settlement Program/TRIEC Mentoring Partnership Graduate


“I was introduced to JobStart through an Autism Spectrum Disorder event.  I was soon registered in JobStart’s Transitions for Youth program.  I attended workshops and received one-on-one support from my JobStart Job Coach to improve my job search and interview skill techniques. My goal was to secure a part time position that I could work while I was attending school.   I was successful in finding part-time employment as a production worker, which has made a positive impact on my life, and allowed me to continue working towards completing my bachelor’s degree.”
- Transitions for Youth/Employment Accessibility for Students Graduate


“I connected with one of JobStart’s Job Coaches, through LinkedIn, before arriving in Canada.  After arriving in Canada, I met with JobStart’s Job Coach and registered in their mentoring program.   I attended multiple workshops to learn resume writing skills, interview preparation skills through mock interviews, and networking using social media.  Through positive guidance from JobStart’s very friendly staff, and my mentor, I was successful in finding full time employment as a Scrum Master with a communications and media company.”

"Prior to arriving in Canada I did a lot of research to prepare myself for the Canadian job market.  I arrived in Canada in October 2018.  I was registered in JobStart's TRIEC Mentoring Partnership and Employment Services programs.  I attended JobStart's Job Readiness workshop, developed a strong resume, practiced interview skills and networking.  With the support of my Mentor and Job Coach I was successful in reaching my goal of fining full time employment in my field of Electrical Engineering, as a Settlement Analyst at a large hydro company."
- TRIEC Mentoring Partnership Graduates


“I learned about JobStart through positive feedback posted on social media.  I attended a number of insightful workshops at JobStart, recommended to me by my Job Coach.  I used the tips provided by JobStart staff to update my resume and how to job search.  Within a short period of time I was successful in finding part-time employment as a receptionist in an equity firm.  Connecting with JobStart was the best decision I ever made!!” ​

"I was actively job searching on my own for a long period of time, without success.  The college I graduated from referred me to JobStart and I met with a JobStart Job Coach and Job Developer who helped me achieve my career goals.  JobStart's staff contributed significantly towards improving my job search.  They enhance my interviewing skills, understand my potential and transferable skills in order to be successful in finding employment as a Content Marketing Manager, after my placement with a local tech company."

“As a new immigrant to Canada, I needed help finding employment and training.  I met with a JobStart Job Coach, who helped me quickly find suitable employment.  She also recommended Employment Ontario’s Second Career Strategy program where I was able to attend a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Operator and Programmer program I successfully secured full time employment as a CNC Operator in a mold making machine shop.”
- Employment Services Graduates


“I heard about JobStart’s Capability program from a previous JobStart client.  I registered in the Capability program and successfully completed the 12 week work placement component of the program and was hired permanently. I was successful in securing employment as a Customer Service representative for a local sticker/decal producing company Reaching my employment goal has restored my confidence and makes me feel like I have a purpose!  I look forward to being an ambassador for JobStart and its disability programs.”

“As a person with a disability, I was struggling connecting with employers. I registered with JobStart's Capability Program and attended four weeks of Enhanced Employment Assistance Services and completed a 12-week work placement in a related industry. JobStart staff made a difference because of their expertise in pre-employment skills (resume, cover letter, interviews, workplace expectations, etc.), and their employer network, connections, and negotiations on my behalf. I was successful in finding employment allowing me to develop new skills that can be transferred to future employment opportunities in my field.”

- Capability Graduates


“I walked into JobStart to inquire about their employment services as I was job searching.  I am pursuing my Firefighter career, as a recent graduate of the Pre-Service Firefighter program at a college, and with the assistance of my Job Coaches we identified the steps required to achieve the best results to obtain the necessary certifications, while working as a mover/driver for a local organization after completing my placement to obtain DZ training.  I am also volunteering in emergency care at a local hospital.”

- Youth Job Connection Graduate

Employer Testimonials

"At StickerYou Inc. we are able to trust JobStart to provide us with qualified, diverse candidates for our job openings; due to the professional processes they have in place. Clients come to interviews prepared and ready to work. JobStart makes getting talented job candidates easy and the staff are so kind."

- StickerYou Inc. (JobStart's Employer of the Year 2018)

"JobStart is a pleasure to work with and has a very professional approach. They are able to recommend the right people for the right job. We were able to hire a large number of individuals for all departments and were able to retain them long term."

- Sobeys Queensway #7383 (JobStart's Employer of the Year 2017)

"Our experience with JobStart has been fantastic and beneficial. We strongly recommend their services!JobStart's Job Developer was prompt and attentive to all our hiring needs.The Job Developer provided employee training incentives, which enhanced the productivity of our firm, directly resulting in increased revenue."

~ TechTAP

“JobStart assisted with Shoppers Drug Mart’s hiring process by providing pre-screened qualified candidates.With the assistance of JobStart’s Job Developers, we have been able to hire several long-term employees over the past 3 years.”
~ Shoppers Drug Mart, College and Bathurst

"JobStart's staff have outstanding business ethics and provide responsive, prompt and efficient recruitment services; we were very satisfied with our experience.  We found great talent through working with JobStart's Job Developer.  JobStart's employment training subsidy was very beneficial when hiring and training our new employees. JobStart competently facilitated us in all of our recruitment needs."
~ Lifestyles Café Inc.​

"We have found great talent through working with JobStart; we are 100% satisfied with our experience. It has been a win-win situation for the Atron family."

- Atron Electro Industries Inc.

"JobStart's staff have outstanding business ethics, are customer oriented, and provide responsive, prompt, and efficient recruitment services. JobStart provides pre-screened qualified candidates, finding us awesome matches for the jobs we are looking to fill. Korex Canada has also benefited in working with JobStart by attending their Job Fairs."

- Korex Canada 

"As a result of working with JobStart, VersaPet was able to successfully hire General Labourer employees through JobStart's Job Fairs and referrals. The candidates were qualified and eager to find employment. From start to finish, JobStart competently facilitated us in all of our recruitment needs. It was a pleasure to work with JobStart's Job Developer."

- VersaPet

"JobStart was able to match Paramount Fine Food's hiring needs with qualified candidates who have the right experience and potential. As a result, our business has been able to elevate our team of part-time employees to full-time employees, providing better quality service in our place of business. JobStart's employment training subsidy was very beneficial to us when hiring and training new employees. The team at JobStart's understanding of our HR needs and referring pre-screened candidates is IMPRESSIVE."

- Paramount Fine Foods in Liberty Village

Board Members' Testimonials

"JobStart makes dreams a reality by helping thousands of immigrants, persons with disabilities, and other at-risk groups everyday with employment and settlement. I am proud to be a part of this organization. Please contribute generously."

- Rehan Sharif

"By the time clients have picked up the phone or walked through the doors, they have applied for many, many jobs with little or no success. JobStart strives to understand each client and their particular challenges to help them develop a plan of execution in an environment of care and respect."

- Sindy Goodman

"I am alaways reminded of the caring and thoughtful people on staff doing pivotal work for our community. JobStart is front and centre in helping those in needachieve economic empowerment."

- Janet LeClair

" My favourite thing about JobStart is the stores of triumph our clients tell us. It usually goes "I couldn't get work, I found JobStart, my counsellor helped, now I'm working, and it feels great. The story doesn't get old because we all feel a certain level of dignity when we work and our communities are better for it."

- Tosin Akinwekomi

"I am so proud to serve as a Board Member for JobStart. The work they do to help people find success in their job path and in their lives is immeasurable, and when I hear a client talk of their experiences with JobStart it brings tears of joy to me. Please help JobStart so that they continue to offer these services."

- Lauralea Mast

Staff Testimonials

"Over the past 21 years working at JobStart, I have had the pleasure of witnessing many clients' growths and successes. I have had the honour of seeing clients gain the confidence and job search skills required to be successful in finding employment. One thing that has always been a constant in the years that I have been with JobStart is our dedicated JobStart staff; they truly care about their clients' success in finding employment."

- Diane Moore, Executive Assistant

"My favourite thing about working at JobStart is how valued I feel. JobStart assumes the best of their employees and this trust has made me more comfortable, successful, and ambitious at work. This supportive attitude absolutely extends beyond our employees, to the clients we serve and the greater community."

- Christina Atkinson, Business Development Assistant

"I love what I do and feel blessed to have this position. I can relate to what my clients are feeling; the pain of leaving everything behind, their current insecurities, and their dreams. Having firsthand immigrant experience enables me to make a meaningful connection with my clients and serve them with respect, compassion, and understanding. Please support JobStart, so we can continue to deliver specific, targeted, and effective services."

- Hasita Shah, Settlement Counsellor

"Through the Employment Accessibility, Transitions for Youth, and Capability programs, I have been able to support persons with disabilities find and retain employment. To see a client overcome years of unemployment, homelessness, and other barriers to entry, then secure a job, creates an indescribable feeling of joy and is my constant source of motivation."

- Denyse Ramjit, Manager of Programs and Services


"JobStart encourages and supports employers by enhancing their hiring practices to accommodate persons with disabilities."

- Jonathan John, Coordinator of Programs and Services

"I feel a great sense of achievement when a client is successfully placed and the employer sees past their 'disability' to instead value the strong skills, abilities, motivation, and diversity that they bring to the role and organization."

- Mary McAuliffe, Job Developer

"JobStart staff are able to guide newcomers through the maze of finding their first job in Canada, offering support in strategic job search, resume building, interview preparation, networking, mentorship programs, and building self-confidence. We are your job search cheerleaders!"

- Rebecca Newton, Manager of Programs and Services

"The Mentoring Program at JobStart has connected me to wonderful newcomer professionals looking to re-establish themselves in their field in Canada. The success my clients and students have achieved over the past 20 years gives me immense pleasure and joy, inspiring me to do what I do."

- Kathleen Leon, Mentoring Coach and previous ESL Teacher and Job Developer

"We practice what we preach on a daily basis. Our future-oriented vision coupled with our personalized programs allows us to always provide our clients with the best resources, support, and opportunities. We are the team of people who are always in motion! Join us and Support the Future!"

- Lucy Kenzina, Job Developer

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