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Youth Job Connection 

The Youth Job Connection (YJC) program serves youth aged 15 to 29 who experience multiple and/or complex barriers to employment by providing more intensive supports beyond traditional job search and placement opportunities. YJC  offers paid pre-employment workshops and paid job placements to help youth overcome barriers to employment. YJC’s goal is to achieve long-term employment, meaningful careers and success for the future.


Participants will receive:

  • Assessment and career development to assist youth increase their knowledge of job and career options, the job market and themselves

  • Opportunities to develop their employability skills

  • Training and work experience to increase job readiness

  • Support for transition into employment and or training and education during or after the program


Program offers:

  • Paid pre-employment training

  • Employment related financial support

  • Job matching, placements with employers and wage subsidies


Mentoring and work transition support:

The program offers 60+ hours of in class job search training and career exploration combined with a paid work placement to increase confidence and readiness for employment. Ongoing job coaching, mentoring and transition to further employment and /or educational pursuits is a fundamental aspect of this program.

To be eligible for this program, non-students must be:

  • 15-29 years old at time of registration

  • Not employed or participating in full-time training/education

  • Facing multiple or complex barriers to employment

  • Eligible to work in Canada

  • Resident of Ontario



Youth Job Connection – Summer

Assists youth facing challenging life situations to make informed educational and career planning decisions. Youth between the ages of 15- 18 who are currently in school and returning to school in the fall and seeking summer employment.  Youth interested in this program will be assessed to clarify their employment goals, develop an employment service plan with activities and services designed assist them find summer employment or part-time employment throughout the school year for up to six months. Students will participate in a 20 hour paid pre-employment training component designed to improve their job readiness and life skills. Once this component is completed students will be assisted in locating paid summer employment for up to 8 weeks. In addition, students will be able to work up to 10 hours per week (evenings or weekends) for a maximum of six months through out to the school year.


Program Components:

Youth Job Connection - Summer offers the four components of employment supports and activities each of which will be available year round. They are:


  • Client Service planning and coordination: which would provide students with an assessment and an individualized summer-employment development plan.

  • Pre-employment Training Workshops: Students must complete a minimum of 20 hours for which they are paid. These workshops prepare and improve the student’s ability to participate in the paid summer placement component of the program.

  • Job Matching, Placement and incentives: all students in the program will be placed in a summer job placement. Maximum duration of the summer placement is up to 8 weeks; and/or 10 hours per week while they are in school/over the school year during evenings and weekends for up to six months.

  • Education and Work Transitions Support: will provide students with information on part-time or seasonal employment during the school year and/or career exploration activities focused on the student’s longer term or future employment.


Program Eligibility:

  • 15-18 years old at time of registration

  • Additional suitability criteria will be assessed by program staff

  • High school students intending to stay in/return to high school or access post-secondary education after their job placement

  • Eligible to work in Canada

  • Resident of Ontario


This program is being offered at:

219 Dufferin Street, Suite 1C

Toronto, ON M6K 3J1

(south of King Street on the east side of Dufferin St. in the Dufferin Liberty Centre building in the lower level.  JobStart has its own entrance)


For more information or to book an appointment, please call:

416-231-2295 x 5723 or x 5743



For Employers: Youth Job Connection (YJC) and Youth Job Connection - Summer

Employers who wish to provide work experience, training and mentorship to a young person in their workplace are encouraged to contact us as well. We provide employers with wage remuneration to launch this working partnership.

Employers onboarding a youth as your next hire will receive:

  • Youth ready to work - you make the final selection of your new hire!

  • A youth who has received pre-employment training

  • A wage incentive to offset orientation and on-the-job training costs

  • Ongoing job retention support


As an eligible employer, you will provide:

  • An employment opportunity that is part-time, full-time or contract

  • On-the-job training for your new hire


For more information or to book an appointment, please call:

416-231-2295 x 5723 or x 5743.

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